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The ShadowCash team have stopped working on the Shadow Project.
They are now working on a new and improved project called Particl. Read the official announcement and follow Particl blog for more info.

Author: Code | Updated: 30. 6. 2016

I'm stuck on block X, what do I do?

If your client won't sync anymore, it hasn't loaded any blocks the past few hours or even days. Here is what you do:

  • Close your ShadowCash wallet.
  • Open up the shadowcoin.conf file in the ShadowCoin directory.
OS Path to directory
Windows %appdata%\ShadowCoin
Linux ~/.shadowcoin
OSX ~/Library/Application Support/ShadowCoin
  • Open up your shadowcoin.conf file and add the following:

This will connect your node to the shadow.cash explorer; this does however reduce anonymity.

  • Open up your ShadowCash client and go to Help > Debug Window > Command Interface and type in:
rewindchain 1000

This will remove the last 1000 blocks and redownload them.

  • Let the blockchain catch up, and it should be fixed.
If it's not fixed then I advice you to try the blockchain method: Faster Sync with Blockchain.zip
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