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The ShadowCash team have stopped working on the Shadow Project.
They are now working on a new and improved project called Particl. Read the official announcement and follow Particl blog for more info.

Last update: January 4, 2017

ShadowMarket Roadmap

The next phase of development will culminate in a decentralized in-wallet marketplace where users will be able to buy and sell goods, currencies (think LocalBitcoins but decentralized) and services safely and privately. In combination with the currency and encrypted messaging system it will form the basis for an entire private decentralized economy accessed through a single application, Shadow.


Multisig support for ShadowTokens
ShadowMarket release
Beta testing phase (public)
Feedback and rating-system
Correction round
Alpha testing phase (private/internal)
Connecting the buttons to the engine! Linking the back-end (system) to the front-end (graphical interface)


Graphical User Interface (GUI) 2.0
BIP65 (Smart Escrow support)
ShadowChat upgrade for ShadowMarket
HD Wallet (BIP 32, 39 and 44)
ShadowCore & ShadowMarket front-end development 1.0 (HTML/JS/CSS)

ShadowProject Roadmap


Group chat (September)
Fixed KeyImage bug
Switched to POSv3


October 23th New Ring Signatures Algorithm with improved efficiency
October 1st Release of the Hierarchical Deterministic wallet - v1.3.3
April 21th Fork : POS v2
March Work on Market start


December ShadowSend update: Ring Signatures and Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Proofs
September New wallet (HTML5) UI look and feel, scaling to different resolutions and devices
Aug–Sept ShadowLite Released
August 19th ShadowGo Released (iOS)
August 12th ShadowGo is a fully functional mobile wallet that supports staking, P2P encrypted messaging and stealth transfers (released for Android)
August 7th ShadowSend (uniquely implemented dual-key stealth addresses to be layered with ZK-snarks)
July 30th Transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake, ShadowChat released (instant P2P encrypted messaging) and updated with richtext support
July 19th Founded
July 17th Pre-announcement
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